**UPDATED DECEMBER 2019** To be completely honest, before I signed up with Grokker I was hesitant. Mainly because nowadays we have access to the oh-so-wonderful YouTube which is free and I’m all about saving money. However, after being active on the site for a while and trying everything Grokker has to offer, I’ve become increasingly excited to share my experience with you!

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Being raised by parents who are very health conscious, I was of course, raised to live the same lifestyle. They always had me active in something whether it be: Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Cross Country, Swim Team, Dance, you get the point. Once I was out of High School though I became less active and my eating habits started to slip (as many often do). Not surprisingly I began to put on weight. For years I had struggled with trying to get the weight off. My story with weight loss struggle is no different than most you’ve heard. I tried just about every kind of fitness and diet program you can think of and my weight yo-yoed for years.

The beginning of 2017 something clicked. This whole time I was dieting to lose weight instead of becoming mindful and eating for my health. I totally get it now.

I’m a firm believer that weight loss is 80% healthy eating (notice how I didn’t say diet?) and 20% fitness, that 20% is crucial for success and sustained results. Weight loss begins in your kitchen. Period. However, the many benefits of fitness cannot and should not be ignored.


My 2017 Grokker Review


So, without further ado here is my Grokker review (didn’t mean for that to rhyme, lol). I wanted to do this review for a couple different reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to introduce Grokker to you because I’ve been personally using it for a while now and truly love this site. I wanted others to have a chance to experience the same benefits I’ve been experiencing too.

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Secondly, I wanted to give you an alternative to the typical “you have to go to the gym to lose weight” BS because that is just not true. Trust me on this. I’ve lost over 80 Lbs. without ever joining a gym!

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the gym and having access to all the equipment but sometimes it’s just not realistic. Gym memberships and yoga studio fees can cost a bundle. Not to mention the time and money it takes to commute – it can add up quick!

Since I’m always looking to save money and maximize my time I decided to forgo gyms altogether. I initially started following along to fitness videos on YouTube since they were free, but it wasn’t long before I discovered Grokker.

My “Why” for signing up with Grokker

With Grokker’s free 14-day trial I decided to give ‘em a shot. I mean what’s there to lose other than some unwanted weight, right? I really wanted to try them and see what their site was really like because they aren’t just like any other fitness streaming program you may have come across. They offer videos on fitness, yoga, meditation and cooking!  Grokker is a rare find and one that I’m very fond of.


Let’s get into the specifics, shall we?

Here are both the pros and the cons to Grokker. My hope is that by the end of this post you have a better understanding of everything Grokker has to offer to help you decide whether or not Grokker is a good fit for you and if it is worth purchasing (I’m confident you will love them just as much as I do though)!

Grokker Pro’s

  • No Ads. There are ZERO ads in their videos! If you’ve ever followed a fitness video on YouTube then chances are you’ve had to deal with ads interrupting in the middle of the video. This is extremely annoying and frustrating!


  • Workout from home. You get to save time driving to the gym and looking for a parking spot which is awesome. If you live where it snows then you don’t have to worry about driving in unsafe conditions. Stay at home mom? No need to hire a babysitter or bother a family member to watch the kids. No need to feel self-conscious since there won’t be any strangers around to judge.


  • Grokker offers videos for all fitness levels. Whether you’re a total newb to the whole workout thing or a seasoned athlete they got you covered.


  • Workout for less. Signing up with Grokker allows you to save a lot of money. Gym and Yoga Studio memberships can cost you a small fortune but with Grokker you can save yourself a significant amount of money.


  • Workout wherever you go. As long as you have access to the internet you can login to Grokker whenever you’d like. They also have an app in the App Store you can download to your iPad and iPhone!

**UPDATE** You can now also download the Grokker App from the Google Play Store onto any Android Device! They have also added the ability to access their platform through Xfinity, Amazon, Sky and Roku too!!!


  • You don’t need to purchase any equipment. While Grokker does offer a ton of workout videos that utilize some type of equipment they also offer just as many that don’t.


  • You’ll never get bored. They offer a wide variety of videos to choose from. Grokker offers cardio, strength training, sports conditioning, dance, pilates, yoga and a ton more! Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself below.


  • Grokker offers more than just fitness videos. They also have dedicated sections for Yoga, Cooking and Meditation!


Grokker Cons


  • There are no instructors to check your form. It is extremely important for beginners to ensure they are using the proper form for each exercise. If they don’t, they could injure themselves.

Before my update, I had a few other cons but since this update, Grokker has worked on improving their platform. For that reason, I feel even more inclined to recommend them! Something that I feel other fitness streaming companies lack is listening. Grokker’s Team really listens to users. If there is something you find that you believe they can make better, they will look into it. 

What is the Cost of Grokker?

Normally Grokker membership costs $14.99/month BUT I was able to work out a deal with them for my lovely readers. If you sign up through any of my links on this page and use the PROMO CODE: MINDFULALEX you can get FULL access for only $9.99/month!

Join today for a 14-day FREE trial and enter the special Promo Code: MINDFULALEX. Not only is it cheaper than most gym memberships but they offer so much more than any gym can offer: Workouts and Yoga for all fitness levels, Amazing cooking videos AND Guided Meditations!

How many times have you said, “I’ll start Monday”? How many times has that Monday never come? Do yourself a favor, start TODAY! Don’t take my word for it. Give it a test run. Try Grokker FREE for 14-days, enter in the Promo Code: MINDFULALEX and see if they are right for you!


If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

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