Where did this year go? The holidays will be over before we know it and 2023 will be here.

I cannot believe it has been almost 3 years since the start of the Pandemic was announced and the whole world went into lockdown.

Now we find ourselves searching for the perfect gift for everyone on our nice list.

I think it’s safe to say we all have a few people that seem impossible to buy for.

What’s worse?

Those same people don’t drop a single hint as to what they want.


My intention every year is to have my shopping done before December *insert praying hands*

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet – LOL!

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Finding a gift for everyone on your list is not easy if you want the gifts you buy to show you put some thought and effort into it.

That’s why this year I decided to put a holiday gift guide together for you – to help give you a little inspiration.

If you really want to touch someone’s heart this holiday season – a custom made gift is a great way to go.

You don’t need to make it yourself for it to be meaningful (unless you want to, of course).

I recommend checking out Etsy for custom made and unique gifts.

If you haven’t heard of Etsy – it’s a global marketplace full of creative shop owners who sell handmade goods. They also have a ton of vintage items too.

Every time you shop on Etsy you’ll be supporting a small business owner.

This is something that is very important to me because you’re not just supporting the shop owner…

You’re helping them support their family.

You are supporting creativity, art, passion, and entrepreneurship.

You are supporting a dream!

In my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide I have added many items that I personally own, use and stand behind.

I have also gifted some of the items on this list because I love them so much!

Happy Holidays!


Smart Digital Frame that allows friends and family to share photos. There is no limit to how many photos or videos you can upload. Everyone in my family owns one of these (myself included) and we love it!

Custom Pet Crewneck Sweatshirt

Custom made anything make great gifts. This sweatshirt can be custom made using a photo of their pet – made by uveprint on Etsy. Plus you will be supporting a small business. You can’t go wrong!

Wine Chiller by HUSKY

No ice needed wine chiller. Need I say more?

The Cheese Board Deck

Don’t forget the cheese – board! This deck comes with 50 creative ideas for styling and includes tips, swaps, recipes and more. Great gift for those who love to host and entertain!

Vintage Art Deco Coupe Glasses by Glassique Cadeau

These 1920’s inspired Coupe Glasses are *Chef’s Kiss* and are on my Christmas list this year. You have to check out their lowball glasses too.

Personalized Cutting Board by MorningJoyCo

Custom made cutting board engraved with your family’s secret recipe. Love it! MorningJoyCo can be found on Etsy.

Ceramic Cookware Set by Caraway

Non Stick and Non Toxic cookware. Also on my list this year. These are expensive but for anyone who cooks at home all the time – these are essential. They also come with a kitchen organizer which is nice for keeping things tidy. Don’t forget to checkout their bakeware sets and Tea Kettles!

Furbo – Pet Nanny Cam

Anyone who loves their pet should not be without this device. We have one and I can’t imagine not being able to see my babies when I’m gone. You can give treats while you’re away too. I have the older model which doesn’t move. Their new release now rotates 360-degrees so you can get a full room view!

Simone Sport Underwire Bra by Wacoal

Ok, so you might be thinking, “Really, a sports bra?” Hear me out. It’s extremely difficult to find a great sports bra (until now). I have FINALLY found it and I promise you any woman who receives this will be SO pleased. Great support and no more neck or shoulder pain. The adjustable straps are unique and I believe that’s what sets itself apart from others. It’s seriously the perfect sports bra.

2022 holiday gift guide

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