Creating A Life You Love

You’re here because you don’t just want to improve your life, you want a kick-ass life! You want a life that makes you excited to jump out of bed every morning but you want to know the best, easiest and fastest way to get there – am I right?

Most likely you are feeling…










And you want to…
    • Get clear on what you want in life and how to make it happen.


    • Stop second guessing yourself and over-thinking everything.


    • Discover who you really are and what you’re actually capable of.


    • Learn how to deal with stress effectively and create balance in your life.


    • Transform your health both physically and mentally.


    • Build self-esteem and shine with confidence.


    • Identify what you’re truly passionate about.


Does that sound about right? Don’t fret my dear friend, that’s what I’m here for.

I completely understand where you are coming from.

Taking the first step in deciding you need and want to make a change in your life can be incredibly scary and exciting all at the same time. So I want to say congratulations! I’m so proud of you (sincerely) for taking a step in the right direction. We are going to get there together and have a lot of fun in the process (Honestly, what’s the point if we aren’t having fun?).


I’m Alex. I’m so happy to have you here.

So a little about me. I was born and raised in Southern California. A Cat mom to two amazing boys. When I’m not working or writing for the blog you can find me at the gym, movies, hiking, reading or at a card room, playing poker.

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The inspiration behind The Mindful Pursuit


Say what?

You’re probably wondering how The Mindful Pursuit came to life. Well here it is.
When I was a teenager I made a trip to the doctors office. I was experiencing an unusual amount of pain and fatigue. It got so bad that it started interfering with my day to day life and because of that, started the onset of depression. Something was off, I was a teenager that felt like I could easily be an 85 year old, no joke.

After a myriad of testing the doctor came back with a diagnosis, Fibromyalgia, Fibro-what? I had no idea what that was. So without hesitation the doctor prescribed me a laundry list of medications to manage my symptoms.

Naturally, I listened to my doctor and did what he told me. After all, the doctor knows best, right?


A turn for the best

Let’s fast forward 5 years. I remember waking up early one February morning in 2011 reaching for my medications (my morning ritual). As I downed the medications with a glass of water, tears started to stream down my face as I asked myself, “Really this is it for you, huh? This is how you are going to spend the rest of your life? Sick, sad and lonely?”

In that moment I realized I had to make some drastic changes in my life. I was 24 and I felt horrible in every way you could possibly image. Within that 5 year time frame I had completely isolated myself. I never wanted to go anywhere or do anything. My friends stopped calling because I always turned down every invitation sent my way. Getting out of bed was a major struggle each morning. I was miserable. I knew deep down life had something else in store for me and I wanted to find out what that was.

A few days later I went to my doctor appointment. I expressed my feelings of wanting to take a different approach to managing the Fibromyalgia. I wanted to experience life without being a slave to medications, pharmacies and endless doctor appointments, I wanted to be free!

My approach was simple – healthy diet and exercise. The doctor expressed to me that the only way to manage Fibromyalgia symptoms was through “pharmaceutical therapy” and that no matter what, I’d have to be on some medication for the rest of my life. I left his office angry, frustrated and determined. I didn’t buy it.

That evening I went home, hopped on my computer and scoured the internet. Alas! I found the protocol to safely tapering off all the medications I was taking and alternative ways to manage my symptoms. The very next morning I got to work. I mapped out everything in great detail, nothing was getting in my way.


The outcome

Two and a half years later and I had finally accomplished what I set out to do – I was finally free! Free of medications, free of doctor appointments and free of Pharmacies! It was not an easy journey, but one I am so thankful for.

I experienced a ton of ups and downs along the way, however, I kept fighting my way through it. This was not just about getting off the medications though, it was also about transforming my mental state as well. During those two and a half years, I also studied up on techniques to shift my mindset from negative self-talk to positive thinking. Health and fitness was another piece to the puzzle.

As you can see, this experience was invaluable and a truly pivotal time in my life that has changed me forever. That journey taught me so much about who I am and just what I’m capable of. One thing that brings so much joy to my life is helping others which is why I decided to create this blog. I created it for YOU.

Enjoy the journey

Life is a journey, not a destination. There will be times when you get off track and you may lose your way from time to time. It’s in these moments where true personal growth and self-discovery happens. Be kind and loving to yourself and to others. Life’s journey can sometimes be a cruel and lonely one but it doesn’t have to be. We were not meant to walk this road alone. We are all in this together.

Curious as to what journey I’m on now?

Getting into the best shape of my life. Follow along here to get the deets!

It’s your turn!

Don’t be shy. I want to get to know you! Share your story with me.

What are some of your achievements?


What are you currently struggling with?


Are there any lessons you’ve learned in life that you’d like to share?

Let me know!

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